Kiri-Tansu(Paulownia chest of drawer)

Paulownia is traditionally used as the good quality timber for storage furniture, i.e. closet or cabinet in Japan, where humidity is high. The characteristics of paulownia wood are strong against moisture and quasi-fireproof, breathable, therefore it keeps the air inside of the furniture dry all through the year.

川俣 頼三

Yorimi Kawamata

Mr. Yorimi Kawamata, born in 1938.
After graduated from senior high school, he acquired the technique as craftsman by working under the apprenticeship of his father Zenshichi. He produces drawers of paulownia and sometimes engages in the renovation of traditional drawers of paulownia, when requested by customers. The craftsmanship and the artisan spirit as well as its tradition are handed over to the next generation to proudly produce the paulownia drawers which are evaluated at top quality.
He has been accredited for the holder of intangible cultural heritage by the Ward of Arakawa, Tokyo in 1999.