Kiri-Tansu(Paulownia chest of drawers)

Paulownia chest of drawers is inherited from the special skills of cabinetmaker, who combines fine assortments of “Hozo” or tenon and mortise, later it developed into professional craftsmanship.   


Paulownia chest of drawers is especially suited for the humid climate in Japan. It protects valuable clothes, accessories and personal valuables from fire and moisture.


町田 金三郎

Kinzaburo Machida

Mr. Kinzaburo Machida, born in 1932.
Since 1947 he has learned the professional technique from his father who had mastered it in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. He is good at producing furniture suited to the modern daily life, which making good use of paulownia wood (strong against fire and moisture).
He has been officially registered for the holder of intangible cultural heritage by the Ward of Arakawa, Tokyo in 1985, designated for the same in 2002.

有限会社 町田桐タンス製作所