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Urushi-Nuri (Lacquer-Work)

The technique of art, and arts and crafts, which are produced by lacquer coating, is called “Urushi-Gei” or japan, lacquering. Already during the Jomon period, i.e. until the 4th century BC, the red- coloured lacquer ware was in common use by people. Since then the lacquer ware has been loved by Japanese people and internationally appreciated as the craft object representing Japan.

角 光男

Mitsuo Kaku

Mr. Mitsuo Kaku, born in 1947.

In 1966 came up to Tokyo and started his career as craftsman, being employed by Kato Lacquer Ware Co. Ltd., which being managed by his elder brother in law. In 1981 became independent as craftsman. His range of activities are in lacquerwares for Sushi, Soba (buckwheat noodles), Japanese cuisine and tea ceremony. He also produces “Tokogamachi” or the rail laid across the front edge of the raised floor of “Tokonoma” or Japanese style alcove (or recess), which is built into the wall of a Japanese style room. It serves to decorate “Tokonoma” or alcove space. Recently he has tried to produce new products as coating beer mug made of porcelain with lacquer.

He has been accredited for the holder of intangible cultural heritage by the Ward of Arakawa, Tokyo in 1998.

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