Tegaki-Yuzen(Yuzen by hand drawing)

Yuzen style is said to be born in the latter half of 17th century. Originally patterns of flowering plants were drawn on the fan in Rinpa-school style, which is ordinarily believed to be transferred to Kimono. The designs and colors are created by Mr. Yuzensai Miyazaki, who is said to be the origin of “Yuzen”. Kyoto, Kaga and Tokyo are the main production area, and each area is unique in design and color. In Tokyo all of the 12 process from designing to finishing are completed almost by one person though separately done in Kyoto and Kaga, which is one of the uniqueness of Edo-Yuzen.

笠原 以津子

Itsuko Kasahara

Since 1982 she had been under the apprenticeship with Mr. Yuu Hayasaka, traditional art craftsman appointed by the ministry of international trade and industry. She mastered technique and became independent after three years’ live-in and thereafter four years’ live-out training.
Delicate drawing touch and unique design show the elegant and fascinating sensitivity which woman has. She is one of the energetic craftsman, who deeply puts her heart and soul into the world of Yuzen.