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技術展勘亭流 モノクロ


Kanteiryu, Yosemoji, Edomoji

“Kanteiryu” character is called Kabuki character.

“Yosemoji” character is originated from the character used for the brochure of vaudeville theater. (combination of Kanteiryu character and Chouchin character)
“Edomoji” is the general name of all above characters and also means the character written on Senjafuda (amulet put on the premise of visited shrine or temple).

有限会社 大有企画

TIE YOU Project


中村 泰士(荒井三鯉・橘右橘)

Mr. Yasushi Nakamura, born in 1952 (name on his works “Sanri Arai” “Ukitsu Tachibana”

He draws especially Kanteiryu, Yose and Edo-moji in the category of Edomoji as general expression of decorated character in Edo (former Tokyo). He has acquired the technique of Yosemoji under the apprenticeship with Mr. Ukon Tachibana, head master of Yosemoji in “Biratatsu” style, and was granted the title of “Ukitsu Tachibana”.
For Kanteiryu-moji he has been under the apprenticeship with Mr. Sanrei Arai (2nd generation) and granted the title of “Sanri Arai” in 1994.
He has been accredited for the registered intangible cultural heritage of Arakawa ward, Tokyo in 2002.

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